With the rise of the number of cars on the road every day, there is even more need for auto parts, aftermarket parts, and more specific industry brands every day. Within this digitalized transformation era, there are huge opportunities for… Continue Reading →

The construction industry may not have relied heavily on e-commerce in the past, but it certainly will in the future. In light of the economic uncertainty in 2020-2021, many businesses in the construction marketplace are responding rapidly to their customers’… Continue Reading →

Not so long ago, companies would handle their business in traditional classic ways. For instance, companies would keep inventory records on paper, send their purchase orders via fax and use phones to inquire about quotes. Today, the market has changed…. Continue Reading →

To maintain the health of the digital infrastructure, businesses must find ways to optimize eCommerce sites. The best time to build upon the framework of your eCommerce site is the store launch. At this stage, brands focus on the aesthetics… Continue Reading →

Choosing an eCommerce platform is perhaps the most important decision to start your digital transformation. Although brands might be drawn by cheaper solutions that meet their needs, other things must be taken into consideration before making a final decision. It… Continue Reading →

Before brands design their eCommerce site they must take several factors into consideration. This consideration is affected by the eCommerce strategy and the existing digital infrastructure. The cost of integrating an eCommerce site is arguably the most important consideration for… Continue Reading →

Omnichannel commerce is important in today’s eCommerce environment but there are different approaches. According to DigiCommerce partner, Elastic Path omnichannel, provides a customer with a seamless consistent journey on any device with which they wish to connect with a brand…. Continue Reading →

Account management in B2B eCommerce is one of the main pain points that cause many businesses to go digital. It is tricky, as the type of account management capabilities a B2B business needs are often unique from B2C. Moreover, they… Continue Reading →

More managers realize that eCommerce customer journey must be supported by good quality content. This is part of today’s marketing requirements for successful eCommerce stores. Content is indeed king in 2021. eCommerce is no exception to this notion. Indeed, the overall… Continue Reading →

Launching a B2B channel does not have to be complex. The new Elastic Path Pre-Composed Solution for B2B Commerce, designed in partnership with DigiCommerce, simplifies the process with a business-ready solution that provides a quick start to launch complex and… Continue Reading →

As baby boomers buying habits has increased their usage on eCommerce stores, the customer habits become more important. DigiCommerce has attempted to break down this demographic a few times.  We have pointed out that this demographic both have disposable income… Continue Reading →

It is widely agreed that B2B eCommerce is a solution to take the life sciences sector into the future. At this point, the consensus is the adaptation of eCommerce is key for the future survival of the entire sector. The… Continue Reading →

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