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DigiCommerce thinks most customers and retailers should have a plan ready to tackle online holiday scams. Many observers expect a high volume of traffic on online stores and as a consequence customers are more susceptible to online shopping scams like… Continue Reading →

The goal for digital operations is to create a personalized shopping experience that is the same during the holiday season as other times in the year. DigiCommerce has long been an evangelist of personalization and customization of the digital experience…. Continue Reading →

On a basic level, maximizing checkout value is the obvious objective for profitable retailers. Increasing the dollar value of a customer’s shopping basket is the name of the game. More importantly, is increasing the average dollar value consistently over time…. Continue Reading →

Holiday shopping this year is likely to look very different. Many retailers around the world shifted online when the pandemic hit in March. Major eCommerce companies like Amazon benefitted from this boost in online activity. This trend will likely follow… Continue Reading →

Customer engagement is a big objective for most online retailers as it helps online stores maximize basket value. Online customer engagement strategies help businesses understand customers better and keep their attention while on the online stores. The overall objective is… Continue Reading →

Aviation is one of the first industries to embrace the concept of eCommerce or online shopping. Indeed, it has long been a competitive disadvantage for big airlines to not offer online ticket sales. Subsequently, this has become industry standard for… Continue Reading →

For most retailers, managing returned goods is a part and parcel of holiday operations. In 2020 retailers are going to have to find the best ways to manage holiday returns. The additional traffic this year has put on online transactions… Continue Reading →

The relationship between eCommerce and airlines industry have gone through a change this year. eCommerce is set to play a big role in the future of airlines. Likewise, airlines and the aviation industry are playing a big role in the… Continue Reading →

Logistics issues have an outsized impact on the fortunes of online retailers and this is worsened during the holiday season. The extended holiday season is a big opportunity for all retailers. But because of the pandemic, things are riding on… Continue Reading →

Recent development in the auto industry have largely been propelled by advances in eCommerce. Customers these days have different expectations than previously. Many expect to be able to make purchases with just a click of a button. However, this has… Continue Reading →

Black Friday is among the busiest periods of the year for online retailers across North America and increasingly globally. Particularly, this year due to the pandemic retailers worldwide have to focus on their online presence like never before. The ongoing… Continue Reading →

Curbside pickups is an eCommerce innovation primarily driven by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic it was virtually unheard of. However, it has since become standard procedure on many eCommerce sites. This option has been more attractive in… Continue Reading →

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