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One of the big changes happening in eCommerce and retail more generally is the conversion of former retail stores into warehouse or fulfillment centers. The growth of eCommerce has increased demand for industrial real estate in the United States and… Continue Reading →

Cross-border eCommerce is a the natural evolution of digital international business. eCommerce as an industry is a child of globalization and any discussion, technology and best practice usually have a global dimension. The effects of the COVID pandemic has shed… Continue Reading →

There is little doubt that the very profile of the global customer base has changed post pandemic. This seems true regardless of the sector but with the exception of a few countries, this is true globally. Customers have been shaken… Continue Reading →

Canada’s own eCommerce giant, Shopify has entered into a partnership with the Canadian government for the “Go Digital Canada” initiative. The program’s stated objective is to bring many more Canadian businesses online. It seems geared to also help guide businesses… Continue Reading →

On the surface eCommerce or online shopping can seem to be a solution to mitigate negative sustainability issues. However the most unsustainable part of online shopping is by far the most important part of the modern buying process. Of course,… Continue Reading →

Holiday shopping is a big money spinner for retailers and eCommerce is reshaping the very concept. The COVID has ensured many of the changes observed in the past months have a big impact on holiday shopping. It is significant for… Continue Reading →

As online shopping continues to explode worldwide so does counterfeits sold in direct competition with honest retailers. The transnational nature of eCommerce makes it quite vulnerable to this problem. eCommerce is at the mercy of the global supply chain which… Continue Reading →

Since eCommerce accessibility has become more of a priority, companies are looking for tips to improve their websites. Compliance with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) has become non negotiable. As websites are enjoying increase in internet traffic many managers are… Continue Reading →

Social media, especially Instagram has increased the popularity of live streaming and eCommerce seems to have noticed. Like many other innovation in eCommerce, the China seem to be taking the lead. SCMP Research predict Chinese live streaming market would exceed… Continue Reading →

Online accessibility is probably the easiest part of eCommerce to overlook for most people. However, due to regulations in various countries pushed increased awareness by the general public, it is now an obligation. So much so that lack of accessibility… Continue Reading →

It is not surprising online auctions have started to become the norm. As eCommerce capabilities are being adapted in unexpected areas, non-essential businesses have experienced significant losses. Due to the lockdown, it is hard to believe things will ever go… Continue Reading →

eCommerce grocery shopping has been more normalized over the past decade and half in many territories around the world. However, few anticipated the current explosion in online grocery sales. This applies regardless of the maturity of the market as it… Continue Reading →

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