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For a long time, the WHO and others have warned of the inevitable spread of a global flu pandemic. Those predictions seemed exaggerated to most until now. Though sooner or later a vaccine will be created, the real concern is… Continue Reading →

DigiCommerce, a digital agency headquartered in Montreal with global operation in the US and Vietnam has become a certified green business. DigiCommerce achieved this certification from the Boston based, Green Business Bureau (GBB) after implementing the GBB’s EcoAssesment and EcoPlanner…. Continue Reading →

Video conferencing has become quite valuable for those able to work from home. There is no bigger evidence than the performance of Zoom’s stock in 2020. It makes it easier for management to coordinate with staff and ensure operations runs… Continue Reading →

A mere two month into the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing companies adapt their operations in very different ways. Of course, some more successful than others, but certain managers have delivered creative responses. According to Nielsen, 75% of people are… Continue Reading →

As e-commerce becomes popular, more managers are looking into the services of systems integrators (SIs) and digital agencies (DAs). The right choice is the difference between a game-changing investment and a waste of money. This is as consequential as selecting… Continue Reading →

E-commerce, a necessity.   Firms are not run in a vacuum and the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 presents real challenges. However, it shows e-commerce is a necessity in providing access to essential and non-essential goods. Businesses today, at the very least,… Continue Reading →

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