Customer engagement is a big objective for most online retailers as it helps online stores maximize basket value. Online customer engagement strategies help businesses understand customers better and keep their attention while on the online stores. The overall objective is to increase the basket value of the average customer purchase. It also helps reduce abandoned carts on the online stores and keeps customers longer on the site. Amidst the 2020 holiday season this is certainly a priority for most retailers. Considering most business will be conducted online this holiday season, it is important that businesses start implementing customer engagement strategies. This involves using the right kind of technology and conducting the appropriate kind of system integration.

Customer engagement

When retailers can maximize customer engagement other business objectives fall in place as a consequence. The results are not just seen in an increased shopping cart value. Fortunately, a noticeable reduction in abandonment carts is a problem many eCommerce sites have. Even Amazon has cited this as one of its problems areas for years. Regular online stores must deploy effective strategies as the first line of attack. The immediate to long term results of these are outstanding.

DigiCommerce Example

DigiCommerce has engaged in integration processes with the purpose of increasing customer engagement. The Salesfloor integration shows how digital agencies can customize a retailer’s digital operations to meet business objectives. Our retail client wanted to leverage the customer engagement features of Salesfloor into their existing SAP Commerce Cloud.  The overall objectives were to increase customer engagement but also increase the shopping cart value, reduce abandonment cart and hasten the buying process. This was a matter of strategic importance for our client.

Third party integration

Moreover, as part of our client’s requirement they needed a Salesfloor service widget to be displayed on their website. It enabled customers to engage with a representative of the client. This is part of the overall strategy of customer engagement and improved customer service. These methods should vary according to the current digital infrastructure of the company. Likewise, long term and short term business objectives must also be considered. 


Investing in customer engagement makes eCommerce sites battle ready for the holiday season. This type of type of digital enhancement required a custom service from a digital agency. DigiCommerce is one such agency.  DigiCommerce bends eCommerce technology to the will of businesses. The best features from the major eCommerce platforms are customizable to varying degrees. Good integration knows what can be added or removed to enhance the capabilities of eCommerce sites.

In conclusion, DigiCommerce will share some things businesses should keep an eye on with regards to customer engagement. Especially this holiday season. These can come in handy when choosing a digital agency or between eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Elastic Path, SAP Commerce Cloud, etc. For obvious reasons marketing capabilities is a top priority for most online B2C retailers. This ties heavily with promotions and discount offerings which are important during the holiday season.

Secondly,  AI and data analytics are as crucial as all other features of a modern eCommerce site. Thirdly, the most exciting is customer service. This is the bread and butter of customer engagement. It is exciting because the innovation in eCommerce customer service features have been rapid over the past half decade.  Lastly, and most easily overlooked is inventory logistics.  Inventory management is the backbone of any eCommerce operations. It is  basically where the digital operations meets the physical.