COVID-19 presents real challenges for businesses. However, it shows eCommerce is a necessity in providing access to essential and non-essential goods. Businesses today, at the very least, need to embed some e-commerce into daily operations to stay competitive. Businesses that have adapted to the lessons of the crisis are better equipped for the challenges of an uncertain online world. That is to say, the events of 2020, look set to accelerate the already rapid growth of global e-commerce.

Late Adaptors

Moreover, businesses that have been unconvinced of the value of digital transformation are being confronted with the limits of their business model. Those coping better at this time are likely reaping the efficiency gains of early adoption. According to Pew Research, internet usage is 94% (Canada) 90% (US) and it has certainly increased in the past few weeks. In a recent survey conducted by Numerator, a third of consumers say their shopping habits have already changed. In addition, half of US internet users say that they are avoiding malls and shopping centers. Regardless, this moment offers opportunity to managers with a flexible enough digital infrastructure to benefit from the limits of competitors.

Take advantage of the moment

Certainly, the crisis is changing consumer habits, but this gives companies with capacity to effectively leverage data into strategy an advantage. Businesses are having to assess long-term strategy amidst the current uncertainties caused by COVID-19. Analytics-based e-commerce enhancement seems to have become a necessary tool in many C-suite decision-maker’s approach to facing these challenges.

In short, it could become a competitive disadvantage for companies still lagging behind digitally. In other words, businesses will be competing on products and prices, not efficiency of process in the future. Most importantly, data gathered now will be vital in planning for worst case situations in the future. For example, companies operating in disaster prone cities could gain valuable insight from the type of data being accumulated at the moment. The more savvy managers will find creative strategies to turn this data into increased efficiency and profits. This makes them more responsive to the customers when competitors might be struggling.

The smart choice

In that vein, companies in sectors from manufacturing and auto or retail are starting to do this. Fortunately, for several in the US and Canada, they are benefiting from DigiCommerce‘s digital enhancement. DigiCommerce is an experienced agency known for adaptability and delivering value through a multidisciplinary team in USA, Canada and Vietnam. We have the flexibility and experience for enterprise and SME needs. Above all, give your team a chance with bespoke e-commerce integration and support services. The lessons of this crisis has brought forth the necessity of eCommerce.