DigiCommerce often has to be innovative when working on integration projects where clients have very specific requirements. This is often because of the uniqueness of each company’s existing digital infrastructure and current approach to it. Regardless of the circumstance there is always a solution. A recent integration project done for a large Canadian luxury brand presented unique challenges. However, a DigiCommerce tailored Salesfloor integration was part of the solution.

Salesfloor Objective

The client wanted to leverage the customer engagement features of Salesfloor into their existing SAP Commerce Cloud.  The overall objectives were to maximize the customer engagement, increase shopping cart value, reduce abandonment cart and speed up the buying process. The strategy was to increase sales conversion rates, turning potentials customers into paying regular customers. The strategy was to greatly improve customer experience with capabilities provided by Salesfloor while maximizing the inherent data analytics of SAP Commerce Cloud. For example, as part of the client’s requirement they needed a Salesfloor service widget integrated into their website. When the visitor visit any page on the website, the Salesfloor widget is visible and customers would have the opportunity to engage with a representative of the client. This is part of the overall strategy of customer engagement and improved customer service. 


Additionally, inventory data was synced from the commerce cloud into the Salesfloor. SAP Commerce Cloud also sent over all inventory related data requested by Salesfloor. DigiCommerce integration enabled a normalized product data feed that exports product data to Salesfloor. The data is securely stored which is accessible through Salesfloor and SAP Commerce Cloud. Afterwards, this data is sent back and forth via a DigiCommerce Salesfloor ERP connector.

This includes inventory API, product data, data export, Salesfloor sales tracking and sales service widgets amongst others. This DigiCommerce integration sends the client’s data collected on Salesfloor to SAP Commerce Cloud to be analyzed with other customer data. SAP Commerce Cloud controls the billing, order processing system and inventory process of the website. Leveraging the client’s existing SAP Commerce Cloud further allowed the client to achieve its customer engagement objectives better. It allows for a website with more robust live data which empowers AI to improve the customer experience.


The result of integrating Salesfloor within the client’s website gives customers with an enhanced and tailored customer online shopping experience. The Salesfloor integration provides the different features to meet this end. This includes a chat box with a sales representative who will guide a customer in a way that also benefits the client. For the client’s sale representatives, Salesfloor capabilities provides them a platform to use to communicate directly with customers, help customers find the products they are looking for as well as possibly upsell other products. In turn, there is an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


The company benefits from more detailed statistics and analytics that leverage on the improved quality of the live data resulting from the integration. This allows for AI powered sales recommendations for customers thus giving the client access to cross-sell and upselling opportunities. This ultimately maximizes user experience and the customer journey. In a competitive online landscape, these tactics keep the customer on the client’s site for longer and prevents them from going on other sites. Part of this is website optimization and good quality integration done by the systems integrators. Without these things, websites become slow and the abandon cart rate increases which is catastrophic in today’s world.

About Salesfloor

Salesfloor is an industry leading omnichannel associate application. It offers customers a new and personalized way to shop online. Founded in 2013, Salesfloor addresses the significant void in service that shoppers experience when using a retailer’s website to shop compared to when shopping in store. With Salesfloor, associates create an online storefront, a personalized version of the retailer’s e-commerce site, where customers can connect and shop online directly with their store associate at any time. Associates communicate with customers using branded message templates and integrated products. Customers benefit from personalized product recommendations, read reviews, and also connect through chat and other collaboration services.