Month January 2021

B2B eCommerce is quite different to B2C but that is changing fast. To the regular digital customer it is less understood. Mainly because it is inherently business to business model and thus less visible. So what is B2B eCommerce then?… Continue Reading →

More, online businesses are finding ways to centralize their digital infrastructure as the benefits become clearer. As more companies go digital, managing the different tech capabilities important for daily business can get clumsy. However, as valuable as the technology is,… Continue Reading →

B2C eCommerce is at the frontline of what people think eCommerce is. It is the main driver within the eCommerce industry. The one with the most visible big companies. Customers can list major B2C operations like Amazon, ASOS, Just Eat… Continue Reading →

The US and North America in general have seen considerable recent movement in real time payment solutions for eCommerce. However, they are still lagging behind compared to other markets in the world. Asia, Europe and even Africa to an extent…. Continue Reading →

Thrift shopping is more popular among younger customers and driving the phenomenon of online clothes resale. This continuing change in consumer habits that is transitioning into the digital space. The process has been accelerated by eCommerce adaptation. Some of these… Continue Reading →

The auto parts industry has been embracing eCommerce in ways previously unexpected. Considering the lockdown and fall in global gas prices, the industry has a very strong quarter amid the effects of the pandemic. Chicago based CCC Parts Network recorded… Continue Reading →

Instagram has become arguably the most interactive social media platform when it comes to eCommerce. With in excess of a billion users, the platform is considered to be amongst the most effective sales tools going forward. Brands can generate over… Continue Reading →

The ultimate reason why eCommerce has been so rapidly adopted is its effect on overall sales. eCommerce has proven to greatly improve the overall B2B and B2C buying experience. As manufacturers embrace more digital based sales operations. Many new businesses… Continue Reading →