The auto parts industry has been embracing eCommerce in ways previously unexpected. Considering the lockdown and fall in global gas prices, the industry has a very strong quarter amid the effects of the pandemic. Chicago based CCC Parts Network recorded a 7 million increase in daily live parts quotes from the same time last year. The automotive innovator says the volume of electronic parts orders has also seen a significant spike. This is set to rise through the summer as more people opt for local road travel amid reduced flight schedules and closed borders. 

North American growth

An Ipsos study on the impact of the pandemic on travel found North Americans especially in the US are opting for more domestic road trips. Nearly a quarter of people indicated they will travel by car this summer with another 10% opting for rental cars. US eCommerce auto part company, US Auto Parts has reported some growth in auto parts sales amidst the pandemic. Its flagship, website was doing so well the company decided to change its corporate name to to reflect this growth.

What auto parts want from eCommerce?

But what does the auto parts industry need from eCommerce? Firstly and perhaps most obviously, they need a year-make-model lookup feature. Autotrader and the wider industry have made online visitors accustomed to the model thus trying to reinvent the wheel is futile. This is simply what customers want and it contributes to increased sales performance. 


Secondly, auto parts online businesses deal with much more data than others which can be an issue for traditional eCommerce systems. Most systems easily cope with pictures, item, and stock data but auto parts also require fitment data and SKUs which require more robust systems. It is important for the systems to be robust enough to update data in bulk using CVS. Some eCommerce platforms do not enable easy updates of fitment data, product, price and inventory data in bulk. The goal is integrating an eCommerce system robust enough to manage this data while ensuring the website still loads.  

In conclusion, eCommerce in the auto part sector is growing and fast. These days cars last much longer than they once did. Moreover, in 2021 used cars are more popular than ever. Especially for millennial and gen Z customers. When combined with the rapid growth of eCommerce, it is clear that there are huge opportunities in the area.  The businesses that are best able to curate a seamless online experience will stand the test of time. Contact DigiCommerce to learn more.