Thrift shopping is more popular among younger customers and driving the phenomenon of online clothes resale. This continuing change in consumer habits that is transitioning into the digital space. The process has been accelerated by eCommerce adaptation. Some of these adaptations have been spurred by the effects of the COVID pandemic and its associated lockdown. According to Massachusetts based Thredup, the fashion resale industry is booming. In short, customers are more concerned about the negative environmental implications of fast fashion. Online resale shopping is one way consumers feel like they can actively mitigate these negative effects. Moreover, as purchasing power continues to shift towards millennials and zoomers, this trend is here to stay. 

Online clothes resale growth

A report by Thredup indicates the sector will expand to almost 70% by this year. Many other resale platforms are also in agreement as they have also seen a sharp increase in activity.  The Real Real is one of those companies. According to the company more people are at home and organizing closets to sell old clothes online. The extra money they make is important for many people during an economic crisis. 


However, the ongoing climate crisis and the increased global awareness have made it more thrifting more mainstream. Fortunately, the average usage lifespan of clothes has increased as a result. The more environmental and cash conscious customer has been growing this pandemic. Moreover, customers want better quality pieces at attainable prices. Some fashion brands are responding and facilitating this by using more sustainable materials. 

eCommerce impact

eCommerce is facilitating this growing trend in a major way.  The business model in the second hand clothing market requires perhaps a different approach digitally.  Accordingly, these stores must have a digital infrastructure that can adapt to their unique model. Logistically, the online store must facilitate receiving second hand goods and making payments. This will require integration with payment systems or building a custom payment solution.  Otherwise, there are not many out of the box eCommerce platforms that can cater to this. 

Most importantly, an effective eCommerce infrastructure needs quality  integration. This project inevitably requires a high degree of customization and third party integration to existing eCommerce platforms. There is simply no other way. Likewise, capabilities must be added to the online operation for it to have any real traction online. The future of online clothes resale like everything else is eCommerce. Fortunately agencies like DigiCommerce have vast experience with this type of integration. Contact us today to find out more.