The ultimate reason why eCommerce has been so rapidly adopted is its effect on overall sales. eCommerce has proven to greatly improve the overall B2B and B2C buying experience. As manufacturers embrace more digital based sales operations. Many new businesses or businesses historically without digital operations have struggled with eCommerce adoption. Much of the blame for this has fallen on the feet of the marketing departments. Some marketing departments are not effectively using resources at their disposal. One such resources is data.  Boosting eCommerce sales involves an all encompassing digital approach. This approach goes strictly beyond the bounds of eCommerce.

Pay Per Click

Firstly, eCommerce sites should run pay per click (PPC) marketing method to improve traffic. Till today this is a method that is criminally underutilized by many eCommerce sites. Especially, SMB who can greatly benefit from an increase in potential customer pool. However, since March more companies have become awake to the opportunities. There is a level of in house expertise that is important to effectively leverage PCC marketing methods. SMB can often acquire this expertise with inexpensive staff training.

Secondly, leveraging Facebook groups is another strategy that could indeed be beneficial to improving sales. Facebook is still the world’s number 1 social media platform after all this time. This makes it an ideal place for business to catch captive customers. Facebook groups can be used to organize marketing activities while communicating and receiving feedback from customers. It is a time intensive process but can be a boon to small businesses. 


SEO has become a traditional part of modern marketing and is not as obscure as it might have been 15 years ago. However, many companies have outdated SEO strategies which are no longer as effective as they need to be. Training their current staff or hiring people with expertise in SEO can be a big factor in sales growth. This helps in finding potential customers where they are native. This helps companies efficiency target marketing resources towards them.

Customer Service

Lastly, improving customer service also has a big impact on sales. This process can be digitized and integrated in eCommerce platforms. Good customer service does not only attract potential customers. It turns them into loyal customers which guarantees the repeat business all marketing managers desire. Companies can do this through good quality integration from agencies like DigiCommerce.