More managers realize that eCommerce customer journey must be supported by good quality content. This is part of today’s marketing requirements for successful eCommerce stores. Content is indeed king in 2021. eCommerce is no exception to this notion. Indeed, the overall customer journey is not necessarily as straightforward as before. It is more complex and intricate. Online stores must reflect this. These days google is the beginning of a customer journey. In an article, Google displays the range of  touchpoints a customer might have in their search for various brands. This ranges from 12 to up to hundreds of touchpoints.

According to Google 80% of internet users do research as they make buying decisions. Furthermore online search was usually the first touchpoint in this process. Importantly, all customer journeys and search patterns are different. This means brands must have a good understanding of the customer base. Only then can they guide potential customers’ online journey from search to purchase. Content is the driving force for this. Below are some ways to do that.

Coordination marketing and product departments

It is important for eCommerce sites to coordinate marketing and product departments. The eCommerce business model must be designed in such a way that these two departments are aligned. This ensures relevant content is helpful to consumers and supports the products and services brands offer. This is valuable for online customers and a brand’s ability to support customers on the journey to eventual purchase.

Inform with content

The first priority should not just be selling but to engage customers with content. Content must have information value that can support customers buying decision. The best performing sites in this regard are a repository of information. This includes information about the product, how best to use it and shipping options. Customers can this to educate themselves in a significant way. This is the expectation of today’s customer. These customers are then more likely to return to the site as a source of information. This is great for branding and brand loyalty. As a result, these companies are more likely to convert online visitors when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Relationship with online visitors

In conclusion, building relationships with not only online customers but online visitors in general is important. The customer can be long and often unpredictable. As a result, the content strategy is a long term strategy. The goal is to have a lasting relationships with customers which encourages them to continue patronizing brands in the long run. Repeat business is the golden goose all brands are looking for. Certain eCommerce sites go a step further by providing daily or timely information updates. This helps them better connect to the customer base and foster relationships.