DigiCommerce thinks most customers and retailers should have a plan ready to tackle online holiday scams. Many observers expect a high volume of traffic on online stores and as a consequence customers are more susceptible to online shopping scams like ever before. As cybersecurity has innovated over the years, it has not been as innovative as online fraudsters. Unfortunately online scammers are more nimble and more global than the authorities. Before you talk about the customers or retailers for that matter. The global nature of cybersecurity makes it difficult for regulators to rein in fraudsters. This is due to limited coordination capacity globally with countries as varying as China and the US. 


However, eCommerce integration can provide some security solutions that can protect customers and clients. This is not always easy to get from out of the box eCommerce solutions. It might require some adaptations. Or even some third party applications. There are various payment solutions available on the market that prioritize security. PaySafe is one of such company and a DigiCommerce partner to boot. Managers should be looking into aspects of their digital infrastructure they can shore up for this hectic holiday season. Digital agencies can help this by doing a cybersecurity appraisal of the eCommerce store. This gives businesses a better understanding of what upgrade needs to be made. And also how to plan better.  


DigiCommerce has recognized some of the major issues facing retailers with regards to fraud, scams, counterfeits and much more. The prevalence of this online security concern has created yet another opportunity for innovation in eCommerce. Forter is one company that is trying to innovate eCommerce out of this problem. Forter offers the market an AI enabled fraud detection software. It focuses on eCommerce merchants and protecting the customer’s journey. The industry has recognized that with increased traffic on eCommerce site comes increased risks. Especially during this holiday season. Reflective of the moment, Forter recently raised $125 million in venture capital funding. It’s perhaps significant that this deal takes place close to the high traffic holiday season. Retailers more than ever need solutions to provide added security to their new golden goose – the online store.

eCommerce features

eCommerce retailers also have some other weapons to combat online holiday scams. Some come standard with many major eCommerce platforms. Chief among them is customer services. A responsive customer service can help mitigate online scams. It can help maintain a brand’s reputation even in the event of scams or security issues affecting customers.  The major ecommerce platforms have enhanced customer service capabilities retailers can tap into with the help of digital agencies. This helps with quick resolution of issues which could otherwise destroy the customers online experience.

Easily overlooked

Perhaps, counterintuitively website content management and UX design also plays a role for retailers online security. Online stores designed with clear labels, images, instruction, multilingual and accessible to people living with disabilities. Clear customer reviews, exchange policies and much more. This reduces incidents of possible communication, leaving customers less susceptible to scams. This is the job familiar digital agencies like DigiCommerce 

In conclusion, online holiday scams and tricks are here to stay it seems. They will get more sophisticated. It has always been a cat and mouse game between criminals and businesses. These days, criminals have access to the same tools as experts. Sometimes they are even better equipped than business or law enforcement for that matter. The holiday season is also a lucrative time for criminals of all stripes. Business must learn to take online security as seriously as offline. Fortunately, this is spurring more innovation in security.