On a basic level, maximizing checkout value is the obvious objective for profitable retailers. Increasing the dollar value of a customer’s shopping basket is the name of the game. More importantly, is increasing the average dollar value consistently over time. This is especially true this 2020 holiday season. There are different measures retailers can take to achieve this. However, this largely depends on the nature of the business and long term objectives. Certain customer engagement strategies are the key to maximizing checkout value for eCommerce sites. This is enough for some. DigiCommerce has alluded to this in a previous post.  However, customer engagement strategies are not the only way to increase checkout value.

Possible circumstances

Moreover, it is quite possible to have good customer engagement but the average basket checkout value is still low. In these situations digital strategy must meet business strategy to ensure an efficient eCommerce site. The job of digital agencies like DigiCommerce is to resolve these issues. During the holiday season, eCommerce sites must have certain tools ready to to be best equipped for the holiday season. AI enabled marketing capabilities and customer service capabilities are the biggest weapons eCommerce has.

Options on the market

Luckily the major eCommerce platforms are equipped with these. BigCommerce, Shopify, SAP Commerce Cloud, Elastic Path and others have positives and negatives in this regard. BigCommerce for example comes with an optimized one-page checkout. It supports all the numerous payment gateways including Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Worldpay and the rest. It also includes a customer friendly smooth checkout flow designed to increase sales conversion. The customizable SDK means developers can create custom UI to move a customer through their unique checkout process. This is not dissimilar to many of its competitors but every business must assess what works best for their individual operations.

Human resources

Some companies invest more of their human resources in customer service than others. This often reflects the nature of that particular business. Regardless of the current COVID restrictions and the 2020 holiday season. These companies can leverage those human resources into their digital operations quite effectively. Indeed, this may involve customization or some third party integration. Integration third party applications like Salesfloor helps digitize and enhance the customer service and sales process. This allows retailers to use their customer service or sales staff in a much more efficient manner. This is especially important during the holiday season. DigiCommerce has significant experience with this kind of client. Other times businesses just need good support services which can maintain an existing system during the unpredictable holiday season. It is the job of digital agencies like DigiCommerce to help clients figure exactly what can be done to optimize a system. 

In conclusion, when it comes to maximizing check out value on online stores, managers have numerous options at their disposal. Businesses must select the option that is best in line with the overall strategy and current capacity of digital infrastructure. The time period between Black Friday and Christmas is crucial for Q4 financial reports. Thus, it is important for companies to be proactive and decisive before that period. It might be too late to make significant digital upgrades this year. However, it is not too late to start preparing for next year. Moreover, businesses are advised to consult with digital agencies to help make the most efficient decisions.