For most retailers, managing returned goods is a part and parcel of holiday operations. In 2020 retailers are going to have to find the best ways to manage holiday returns. The additional traffic this year has put on online transactions means that returned goods are also set to reach record levels. Many businesses are not looking forward to this. Returning goods often require a financial cost from the logistics point of view. Without a good digital operation, it is often more expensive to return goods as it eats into margins. This is an issue even big global players like Amazon have to contend with. However, with a smart digital operation retailers have the tools to mitigate this problem. In this year of all years, eCommerce looks like the solution.


In managing returns, the key features of online stores concern inventory and logistics. These two things are absolutely crucial in managing returns during this holiday season. A digital operation must ensure that the buying and return process is as seamless as possible. Otherwise, this can have a negative impact on brand perception. In this competitive period with slim margins that does immense harm to a brands reputation. Importantly it makes all the hard marketing effort impotent. Digital inventory management must ensure good analytics and communication to the logistics teams. This allows the necessary managers to make more intelligent decisions and placate many unforeseen issues that might plague this unpredictable period.

Customer Service

Customer service is a key feature for eCommerce stores. Especially when it comes to managing orders. Most retailers know how varied the request of customers can be. That is more obvious during the holiday season. It makes holiday returns services a headache for the most experienced operations. Whether it is automated with eCommerce capabilities or manned physically.  eCommerce has greatly improved customer service over the years as it has become cheaper for retailers. AI enabled chat boxes can work 24/7 and significantly cut costs for retailers. It makes this feature accessible to smaller and mid sized firms that might not otherwise have this capability. eCommerce has democratized retail in that way.  BigCommerce like other major eCommerce provides retailers with customer service capabilities. Retailers have the ability to integrate a number of 3rd party apps that best meet operational needs to enhance the customer experience.


As DigiCommerce notes before AI and Analytics are the backbone of all eCommerce features. eCommerce stores without proper capabilities will be edged out by competitors. Especially going forward from 2020 onwards. As analytics underpins the process of managing returns for retailers. Quality integration done by agencies like DigiCommerce ensures the returns process is enabled by analytics. When managing returns, platforms like BigCommerce provide robust analytical capability. This enables a more automated and intelligent returns process. Analytics allow online stores to be more operationally and cost efficient. This is helpful in a returns process that can be costly for small business

Smooth Process

Most importantly, managers must realize that a smooth return order process is an operational and branding issue. Especially during the busy holiday season. However, it is not too late for businesses to get ready for this year’s holiday shopping. The ability of an online store to equip itself for this challenge is larger than the eCommerce technology. It is also a function of world class integration by experienced digital agencies. DigiCommerce provides bespoke eCommerce integration and support services.