DigiCommerce partner, Elastic Path recently further pushed headless eCommerce by launching the Composable Commerce Hub. The composable Commerce approach is set to revolutionize the way we think of eCommerce for years to come.  The Composable Commerce Hub makes headless more approachable than ever before. Firstly, many people are unfamiliar with the term headless eCommerce. Some of these people are even eCommerce and retail professionals. 

Headless eCommerce

Gartner Research predicts, “by 2023, organizations that have adopted a Composable Commerce approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation. According to Gartner: “By 2022, organizations using multiple go-to-market approaches for digital commerce will outperform noncommerce organizations by 30 percentage points in sales growth.”

The headless approach recognizes that as customer experience changes, full- stack platforms will become outdated. Consequently, it separates the front-end and back-end of eCommerce functionality. 

As a result, Elastic Path allows both to work independently and interchangeably. They work at their own pace which allows businesses to create a new customer experience without jeopardizing any existing ones. This architecture allows front-end developers to adjust user experience without interrupting back-end eCommerce capabilities. This has the effect of empowering the customer experience professionals.

Composable Commerce Hub

Elastic Path created the first open exchange of business solutions facilitated by a network of digital commerce providers. The company calls this the Composable Commerce Hub. The centralized hub provides a significant array of Pre-Composed Solutions and Accelerators. As Elastic Path puts it  “the Hub includes all of the pieces for a brand to combine with the Composable Commerce Platform to quickly and confidently launch with a DIY Commerce Solution”. The hub essential makes DIY Headless more democratic as it is more accessible to all businesses. The key advantage of headless commerce is the flexibility and scalability factor. 

The Composable Commerce Hub allows companies to efficiently deploy eCommerce features regardless of existing digital infrastructure. Regardless of if they want to use a Pre-Composed Solution to get up and running quickly and customize on demand. Or even to custom compose a unique solution from Accelerators and the Composable Commerce Platform to meet specific criteria much quicker and easier. Importantly, it mitigates the risk normally associated with the concept of Headless Commerce. The Composable Commerce Hub allows businesses to unleash the flexibility of headless commerce regardless of digital maturity or eCommerce experience. 

Furthermore, Composable Commerce enables eCommerce teams to select and assemble various “best of breed” commerce solutions and compose them to satisfy their unique business needs. Importantly, Composable Commerce solution is comprised of the following 4 elements:

Modular – Easily deploy and swap modular commerce components as needed

Open – Utilizes interoperable applications to seamlessly integrate with other systems and prevent vendor lock-in

Flexible – Empowers brands to create differentiated experiences that meet their unique requirements

Business Centric – Enables rapid iteration to respond to changing business needs