The eCommerce landing page has become the primary front-facing part of online stores. In the old days it was the physical storefront but our increased reliance on online shopping is slightly less important. The page customers land after they click a promotional link, such as an email campaign or online ad, can be a key factor in the purchasing process. Landing pages can have a big impact on business for numerous reasons. 

Generating Sales Leads 

Redirecting traffic to target eCommerce pages help businesses generate increase sales leads. This is more effective than redirecting to just a homepage. eCommerce landing pages can be designed to have a high degree of personalization that reflects the buyers interest. This ability is powered by the artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities of eCommerce. Well integrated online stores have many ways of doing this.

For some, customer clicks on a link will redirect them to pages that match their specific interests and needs. This helps drive customers to the website. In today’s business environment, marketing staff and eCommerce teams must work together to create the appropriate landing pages. The more precise the landing pages are, the better the opportunities they have to reach different target online audiences. This is vital in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Increase Conversions

However, eCommerce landing pages do not just generate leads, they can also lead to increased conversions. Companies with a targeted content, are more likely to satisfy customers requirements in terms of what they are looking for on a site. Should a customer be searching for a handbag and directed to a landing page featuring handbags, the chance they will stay on the site exponentially goes up.

The alternate scenario is a page that take customers more time in terms of search and navigation to find the product they are looking for. The most effective landing pages reduce, the time customers spend in the buying process. To further boost conversions, landing pages can also facilitate offers, like discount codes or a free trial signup. 

Gain Insights

Individual landing page give new insights to the business owner of an eCommerce store. These insights inform the manager of what works and what does not on the site. They can also compare which content keeps customers longer on their website. The managers can also know which call-to-actions receives the most clicks and what promotions result in sales conversions. The insights are often used in marketing initiatives like ad placements and promotional content. For example, should a landing page based on certain keyword has a high bounce rate, it might means the campaign would be ineffective. 

In conclusion, the objectives of eCommerce landing pages is to create a page is relevant to online visitors. It should provide what they online customers are actually searching for, and direct them to take action. There are several various factors that go into eCommerce landing pages and we will discuss them further in subsequent posts. Landing pages require regular testing and optimization to gives managers a better idea of what works best. They must know what keeps customers on their site and which ones leads to conversions. This means trying different headlines, images, CTAs, layouts, fonts, colors etc. Testing landing pages is an ongoing task, but beneficial in the long run.