By all indications it seems like the days of guessing how exactly that shirt you bought online fits are a thing of the past. Customers would be glad to hear of the active innovations currently happening in eCommerce clothes fitting. The processing of refunds can be quite an operational expense for small business. Customers dissatisfaction with size of fit is the major reason. Therefore, addressing this issue would predictably have impacts on long term profitability for companies. This reduces operational cost and return orders.

Technology Adaptation

Accordingly, the success of this innovation would benefit the fashion and apparel primarily as it designed with that sector in mind. Moreover, Israeli based software company, Zeekit has combined fashion with technology using its virtual fitting room. This switch mode augmented reality (AR) technology can integrate a retailers whole catalog in a matter of hours. It allows customers to virtually try on clothes with the help of 16 different real life models of all shapes, ages and ethnicities. The switch mode has been a hit with some of the largest retail brands most notably, Asos and Adidas. Asos has re-branded its own use of the technology as See My Fit and it has proven quite popular. Asos has applied this technology in mitigating some other effects of the lockdown. As lockdown has limited access to models, switch mode allows daily photo shoots with only a picture of the model.

Process Adaptation

From innovation in technology to innovation in process. Blacktrack is building its entire business model on the idea that customers should ensure every product bought online fits like it should. Thus, BlackCart allows customers to pick out clothes from your favorite stores, get it shipped to try on at home for free, and only pay for what you keep. The tool is readily available as a plugin on WordPress and Shopify. Notably, there is no requirement to pay upfront or possess a shoppers’ credit card. Earlier this month, the Toronto-based firm raised an additional $2m in seed funding beta round led by Struck Capital. This seems to be growing traction for the company which is an indication of the potential side of the market. As a result of the pandemic’s effect on eCommerce, the company hastened its development. It managed to raise more funds and got to market quickly.