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According to Deloitte, companies with a more inclusive workplace culture are up to six times as likely to be innovative. Interestingly, the study also suggests that companies that actively prioritize gender inclusivity are also more likely to attain financial targets…. Continue Reading →

Baby boomers are a too important demographic for eCommerce stores to neglect. To target these customers, businesses must first have the facts about this customer base. eShopWorld has done some of this work with Voices 2021: Cross-Border Shopper Insights survey…. Continue Reading →

The eCommerce landing page has become the primary front-facing part of online stores. In the old days it was the physical storefront but our increased reliance on online shopping is slightly less important. The page customers land after they click… Continue Reading →

If the past few years of eCommerce innovation has taught us anything, it is that the online experience must be customer centric. Interestingly, focusing efforts on streamlining transactions, checkout and pricing is not sufficient. It is definitely not sufficient enough… Continue Reading →

In 2021 many B2B businesses have been convinced to go digital and the benefits of eCommerce features. We have seen a great deal of innovation with the B2B eCommerce model in recent years. So what eCommerce features are B2B companies… Continue Reading →

Content management is an important part of eCommerce today. It is sometimes overlooked when compared to other more technically advanced aspects of eCommerce. The truth is content management is key to how the website looks and how it performs. As… Continue Reading →

Restaurants are perhaps one of the earliest industries to benefit from eCommerce innovation and going digital. Interestingly, the hotel industry is another one that has adapted quickly to eCommerce. The trend of eCommerce in food delivery has been on a… Continue Reading →

The life sciences sector is currently expanding at a very fast rate. Life sciences and healthcare is a complex industry with intense legislative oversight but it is important the industry catches up with eCommerce expansion. The pandemic has had big… Continue Reading →

Baby boomers or boomers are probably the demographic least likely to adopt eCommerce technology currently. However, the pandemic has forced many. In the same way traditional businesses have been forced to go digital. Baby boomers are those over the age… Continue Reading →

Omnichannel growth in 2020 was obvious and it was something of a buzzword in the entire eCommerce industry. However, omnichannel, is less about where you sell and more about identity, consistency, and personalization. Just thinking of omnichannel eCommerce plus brick-and-mortar… Continue Reading →

Like in 2020, eCommerce sales in 2021 have seen a big boom across the board. The continued lock down situation in most places plus innovation in technology are partly responsible for this. In the US for example, total B2B sales… Continue Reading →

Since cloud computing began to be embraced by the mainstream, SAP has been transitioning its SAP Commerce clients to the cloud. It is fairly obvious that at some point in time most SAP Commerce clients as a matter of necessity… Continue Reading →

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