Month February 2021

There is little doubt of the change in marketing eCommerce continues to experience since the initial breakout of the global pandemic. eCommerce is different in 2021 and marketing is one of the big innovators to that change. eCommerce platforms are… Continue Reading →

As online shopping continues to grow the customer engagement in 2021 has greatly evolved and in order to capture more customers, it is critical to continually make adjustments within your online store. Customer engagement strategies are vital as they cause… Continue Reading →

Headless commerce in short is an eCommerce solution that houses, manages, and provides content without a front-end layer. For context, the front end is also called the head. It is normally a CMS, template or theme which is decoupled and removed. This… Continue Reading →

Social commerce in 2021 is bigger than ever. Facebook’s 2020 launch of Instagram Shops blends eCommerce with the world’s major social media platform. Since the pandemic, the social commerce market has increased at a rate of more than 30%. Social commerce… Continue Reading →

This edition of DigiCommerce B2B2C eCommerce post attempts to go further in depth on some of its capabilities. There are definitely some eCommerce capabilities unique to this business model. But the main thing is for a B2B2C infrastructure to be… Continue Reading →

Good eCommerce fraud management is vital in 2021 because quite frankly, online fraud is booming. eCommerce sales surged last year but, unfortunately this came with a rise in card-not-present fraud. In the United States for example depending on what source… Continue Reading →

B2B2C eCommerce businesses can vary greatly, as it involves buying and selling to both businesses and consumers at the same time. Business-to-business-to-consumer eCommerce models can take many different forms, but essentially, it involves selling products or services to a business… Continue Reading →

With new technology and process innovation, 2021 is a transitory year in eCommerce. The industry has had many decades worth of innovation and growth in the past year. There is no evidence of that changing this year. Even more brands… Continue Reading →