Month October 2020

Black Friday is among the busiest periods of the year for online retailers across North America and increasingly globally. Particularly, this year due to the pandemic retailers worldwide have to focus on their online presence like never before. The ongoing… Continue Reading →

Curbside pickups is an eCommerce innovation primarily driven by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic it was virtually unheard of. However, it has since become standard procedure on many eCommerce sites. This option has been more attractive in… Continue Reading →

For many eCommerce businesses, tax is probably the most unglamorous part of their operations. However, eCommerce or digital tax becomes even more tricky when companies are operating across borders. Around the world the relevant regulatory agencies in many cases are… Continue Reading →

Digital agencies, systems integrators, eCommerce platforms and everyone in between have been more intensely focused on an omnichannel strategy. For companies who already have efficient eCommerce infrastructure, an omnichannel approach can maximize those efficiency gains. The goal for B2C retailers… Continue Reading →

The food delivery business like fast fashion was one of the first businesses to effectively deploy eCommerce technology into its business model. Small fast food businesses in the UK have been able to benefit from eCommerce enabled platforms. JustEat which… Continue Reading →

The blurred lines between B2B and B2C eCommerce have become even more obvious of recent months. The digitization of our economies is causing a uniformity in customer expectation across the board.  This is clear all through eCommerce. From B2B, B2C… Continue Reading →

DigiCommerce often has to be innovative when working on integration projects where clients have very specific requirements. This is often because of the uniqueness of each company’s existing digital infrastructure and current approach to it. Regardless of the circumstance there… Continue Reading →

For luxury retailers around the world this has probably been the most uncertain year most managers have experienced. eCommerce has been a savior for those who made the right investment in the preceding years. For others the growing pains are… Continue Reading →

DigiCommerce, a digital agency has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Cincinnati based SAP solutions provider, CNBS (Consulting Network Business Solution). This agreement marks the beginning of an eCommerce partnership between two of North America’s most innovative SAP eCommerce… Continue Reading →