Month September 2020

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there have been several recent reports of a new online shopping scams. It tricks online shoppers with exciting new deals on popular brands. These scams are exploiting some lax PayPal policy. Vulnerable online… Continue Reading →

Artificial intelligence is the biggest single innovation that will shape the future of eCommerce. This is because artificial intelligence can be deployed to make almost every aspect of eCommerce more efficient. It allows an omnichannel eCommerce system to be dynamic… Continue Reading →

Interestingly, the agriculture industry has long been keen to find ways to adapt eCommerce into its daily operations. Many of the advantages of eCommerce to the industry are clear. Previously, the problem was how to adopt new technology to the… Continue Reading →

Like others, Facebook has decided to accelerate its eCommerce amid the current global pandemic. Firstly, the biggest companies in technology have boosted their eCommerce efforts in recent months. Amazon and Google have made some significant moves which could change eCommerce…. Continue Reading →

eCommerce seems to continue creeping into the daily operations of traditionally heavy industry. There have been many examples of this in recent months across a broad swath of heavy industry. Part of this is driven by necessity while for others,… Continue Reading →

The B2B2C eCommerce market growth has been in parallel to the B2C and B2B since the start of this year. Like with other sectors there have been some noticeable post COVID gains. As the omnichannel approach to eCommerce takes a… Continue Reading →

As September has arrived, many eCommerce sites are shifting focus to the lucrative back to school items. Schools for one will look much different post pandemic. There could be permanent changes in many aspects. However, interesting shopping patterns are likely… Continue Reading →

The online pharmacy revolution has long started. Everything digital is experiencing a boom and online pharmacies have not been left behind. However, innovation occurs faster in some countries than others. A variety of factors are responsible for this fact. Chief… Continue Reading →