Month August 2020

The B2B eCommerce industry has been booming even faster than on the B2C side in many regards. Last year eCommerce giant Amazon launched Amazon Business, its B2B marketplace in various countries. This part of its business has much more impressive… Continue Reading →

As omnichannel eCommerce continues to expand so does mobile shopping growth which is also having a good year. App Annie found that there were 14.4 million downloads of shopping apps between March 29 and April 4. They found that about 60%… Continue Reading →

Big pharma’s has a reputation for innovation which is evident in industry’s eCommerce adaptations. Therefore, life sciences is slower to adopt eCommerce than other businesses. Pharma has made some innovative changes in eCommerce which is set to change the industry… Continue Reading →

One of the big changes happening in eCommerce and retail more generally is the conversion of former retail stores into warehouse or fulfillment centers. The growth of eCommerce has increased demand for industrial real estate in the United States and… Continue Reading →

Cross-border eCommerce is a the natural evolution of digital international business. eCommerce as an industry is a child of globalization and any discussion, technology and best practice usually have a global dimension. The effects of the COVID pandemic has shed… Continue Reading →

There is little doubt that the very profile of the global customer base has changed post pandemic. This seems true regardless of the sector but with the exception of a few countries, this is true globally. Customers have been shaken… Continue Reading →

Canada’s own eCommerce giant, Shopify has entered into a partnership with the Canadian government for the “Go Digital Canada” initiative. The program’s stated objective is to bring many more Canadian businesses online. It seems geared to also help guide businesses… Continue Reading →

On the surface eCommerce or online shopping can seem to be a solution to mitigate negative sustainability issues. However the most unsustainable part of online shopping is by far the most important part of the modern buying process. Of course,… Continue Reading →