Month June 2020

Today’s eCommerce data management has evolved with the new requirements of clients and customers. The goal for businesses is to have a unified data tier across all department functions. As organisations rely more on intangible assets, the value of a… Continue Reading →

By all indications it seems like the days of guessing how exactly that shirt you bought online fits are a thing of the past. Customers would be glad to hear of the active innovations currently happening in eCommerce clothes fitting…. Continue Reading →

There have been significant changes in global eCommerce since lockdown. However, the one constant is online fast fashion continued dominance of eCommerce. This is arguably the quickest sector to adopt this technology. It has been on the forefront of most… Continue Reading →

Voice assistant technology has been around for a while and applied in many different ways. However, its application into eCommerce technology is more novel. There are many ways to apply this technology across sectors. Most of us were first introduced… Continue Reading →

As eCommerce continues to enjoy the pandemic induced surge, backup behavior and data protection have become more prominent issues. As more companies handle more online customer data, they are more exposed to cyber threats and other issues. Ottawa based backup… Continue Reading →

Asia eCommerce boom continues to grow, this time fueled by a pandemic induced lockdown. Online shopping has surged in Asia as the region observed lockdown. Perhaps observing lockdown more effectively than elsewhere. East Asia is a more mature eCommerce market… Continue Reading →

E-commerce upgrades are in demand at the moment as managers scramble, trying to update systems accordingly. As website traffic soars and we observe a significant increase in online transactions over the past three months, companies need to adapt their systems… Continue Reading →

Anyone who has seen the prototypes for autonomous delivery robots would be forgiven for thinking they were props from any 80’s sci-fi film. Whether we like it or not it seems they are going to be the norm sooner rather… Continue Reading →

Fraud detection acts as the department of defense when it comes to e-commerce technology. In the absence of solid fraud detection measures, customers may start to lose a little faith in e-commerce stores. Cyber fraud is as global as e-commerce… Continue Reading →