B2B Enterprise Edition for BigCommerce
Fully integrated with BigCommerce extending an already rich micro-services solution to the next level. Explore the benefits:
Greater Flexibility
Leverage a robust innovative solution for your needs today and future business requirements.
B2B - B2C - D2C
Provide an integrated commerce to solution using a single platform to deliver B2B to B2C customer journeys.
Seamless Integrations
Seamlessly integrate mission-critical 3rd party solutions such as ERP, CRM, PIM, etc. to BigCommerce using APIs.

A modern, fast to market, cost efficient solution with BigCommerce

Transform your online presence

With the B2B Enterprise Edition Solution allowing clients to have a single solution for managing different customer journeys. The solution has B2B to B2C features which can be turned on or off based on your business requirements.

The presentation layer is decoupled from the back-end giving clients the flexibility to leverage the true power of BigCommerce which is leveraging their micro-services architecture. This approach increases efficiency and reduces any bottlenecks compared to legacy platforms.

The solution bridges content and commerce like never before.

BigCommerce B2B Edition
Core Capabilities to Accelerate your Implementation

Elastic Search
A modern search experience for your online experience in addition to AI features.

Quick Order
Customers can utilize the quick order feature to easily and rapidly add products to the cart and/or shopping list.

Buyer Initiated Quote
Buyers can requests a quote directly on the storefront with ease including saving and sharing quotes from within the storefront portal.

Saved Carts
Online clients can save and share one or many shopping carts from the storefront including re-instating a saved cart.

One-Click Checkout
Clients can have a simplified one-click checkout process to fast track the checkout process.

Account Cost Center
Cost center tied to account groups (distributor) accessible in the self managed portal.

Simple to complex discounts and promotions can be applied to the orders and/or carts.

Purchase Order
For B2B accounts, purchase orders can be applied to the order process including uploading a purchase order document which will be appended to the order.

Credit Card Integrations
Payment processors are available as part of the solution or specific ones can easily be integrated.

Products and/or Services bundles can be integrated or directly defined within the solutions back-office.

The solution is a multi-lingual solution both in the storefront and back-office.

Account Level Pricing
Account level pricing can be configured multiple ways such as price lists, special pricing, discounts etc.

The solution is a multi-currency solution including during the checkout process where the selected currency is used for payment.

Account Restrictions
Similar to pricing, products, categories can be restricted or only applicable to certain accounts and/or customers.

During the checkout process a customer can split their order tobe shipped to multiple ship-to addresses.

RMA Process
A customer can initiate a return within their My Account and based on business rules the RMA process will be initiated.

Customers can re-order a previous order and then add or remove items. The pricing will be based on business rules defined.

A subscription product can be defined and sold within the storefront including renewing the subscriptions.

Integrated CMS
An API first CMS is part of the solution allowing clients to effficiently manage their rich-media and content.

Sales Order Capture
The Sales Rep can place an order on behalf of an account and once completed the order will appear in the accounts storefront portal.

Punch-out Catalog
The solution has an integration to a punch-out catalog for B2B clients.

Self-Service Portal
A 3600 client view is accessible by the account where they will have the ability to self-manage everything about their account.

Advanced Quoting
The solution has an advanced quoting where Sales Rep will automatically take the account profile which can be overridden based on permission levels.

Mainly applicable to B2B clients where micro-sites can be defined and managed within the back-office.

Dashboard - Reports
Dashboard which includes widgets for quick view of account progress and detailed reports for Sales Reps and management.

Account Hierarchy
The solution has a simple to complex account hierarchy from account pricing to account restrictions.

User Role Management
Within the back-office user roles allow management to set-up permission levels for sales reps and management.

Sales Rep Workflow
The sales rep work flow is based on permission levels where limits can be set prior to approving a quote for example.

Order Management
The solution has an integrated order management which allows the sales rep to add/remove items to an order.

Digital-Media Library
A digital media library which is fully integrated with the CMS to manage rich media elements.

DigiCommerce + BigCommerce
Together we enhance your customer journey experience.
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